Brown Banana Ice Cream

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At Saddle Street, we hate waste, especially food waste.

This is a great way of rescuing any bananas that have gone over. Some people don’t mind a very ripe banana, and I am one of those people, so I’m not talking about a couple of brown spots. I’m talking squishy! You can use yellow bananas but I find they get sweeter as they age so I really think this recipe works better with an older one.

Pop your brown bananas in the freezer. If they are already too squishy to peel, then freeze them in their skins. They’ll last quite a long time once frozen, so you can whip up a dessert whenever you feel like it.

If they still have skin on them, use a bearing knife to gently remove it. It comes off really easily, even when they are frozen hard.Yoghurt

Cut the frozen bananas into 1 inch chunks and start to blend them in a food processor. Once they have become an icy puree, start pouring in your yogurt or cream. I used Koko Dairy Free, which has a lovely coconut flavour, and makes the ice cream really smooth, and very light in calories! You could also use cream, although I have not tried this so couldn’t tel you how it turns out. I didn’t sweeten mine, as the bananas are already very sweet, but you could add some vanilla, agave, honey or maple syrup if you want to. 


Keep blending the mix until it is really smooth, no lumps, and then scrape the whole lot into a container that can go in the freezer. It will need an hour or two, and then it will become a sorbet-like texture.  It will keep in a deep freeze for about a month, depending on whether you use dairy or not.

To serve, remove it from the freezer and leave to stand for maybe 5 minutes to soften just a little. Alternatively you could use a heated spoon or scoop.

As a dessert, it works really well with brownies, chocolate chips, crumbled cookies, chocolate sauce or nuts and maple syrup. As a cool breakfast you could have it with granola and fresh berries, or toasted coconut and seeds!

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